Team Performance Analytics For Project Success

Team Peak Performance = Project Success

What is Insights360?

Insights360 is a cognitive analytics platform that coordinates measurement of your teams’ performance with expert guidance for your project leadership, all backed by 50+ years combined experience in complex project recovery, and new advances in machine learning.

The Past

Despite the growth of project management disciplines, 71% of projects globally are challenged or fail, and this has not changed for the past decade. Key trends of the past:

  • Leaders are surprised when projects are suddenly challenged; and
  • Investment in methods, training and reviews have not stemmed the losses.

The Future

We are building the future of project assurance with:

  • Data driven predictive analytics that report on the people element of projects;
  • A unified view of different project’s performance compatible with a variety of project methods including Agile, DevOps, and Prince2;
  • Simple, low cost, low intrusion and bias free methods of collecting insights directly from your project team, putting you in control of your assurance.

Team Performance Predicts and Unlocks Project Success

Insights360 complements status reporting by tracking the ”teamwork” component of your projects

Often, problems in project team performance lead to schedule delays and costs blowouts many months later.  Insights360 provides predictive project reporting because it tracks team performance, which is a lead indicator of success, allowing you and your team to course correct early and in an agile way.

Results to Action

The Insights360 system provides your program leadership and project managers with specific actions to improve in a language they understand.

Clients that gain insights from us

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Insights360™ is especially suitable if you want:

  • independent data to start an honest conversation about your project team’s performance and focus decision making for a more aligned and effective project;
  • a better understanding of the “people” element of your project;
  • guidance to make the most out of your existing project management methodologies and systems;
  • a common baseline for measuring progress over time, and comparing different projects in your portfolio; and
  • confidence that you are tracking the lead indicators of success from the start of a project.

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